Atom Neon

The name itself says that its main purpose is to control modern lighting devices such as LED strips, furniture lamps, low-voltage LED lamps and more.


1. CAN bus ensures synchronized operation of all Atom series devices
2. Integrate 3rd party devices using RS-485 interface
3. 5V and 3.3V ports for sensors power supply
4. 12 multifunction input ports (9 in N modification) for temperature, air quality, water leakage sensors and switches connection
5. Graphic OLED display for control and monitoring (optional for N modification)
6. Ethernet port for network connection Possibility of remote control using i3 Home app or voice assistant (N modification)
7. 4 x 5A relays for connection of electrical devices
8. 8 dimming outputs built on MOSFET bases with built-in load control meter to control DC