On Grid

Generate solar power and use it effectively Economically beneficial,
Ecologically exemplary

With Smart Now Energy System Business, you can now cut your energy costs easily and permanently. Harness the unlimited power of the sun and generate environmentally friendly power for your business.

This makes you independent from rising electricity prices over the long term From energy consumer to energy producer

Smart Now Energy Systems specialize in making practical use of as much self-generated power as possible. The more of your energy needs you cover yourself, the less you have to buy from the utility grid. That means that investing in a PV system will pay off much more quickly than if you feed in most of your power. After all, you receive only a fraction of the electricity price as a feed-in tariff. Our Energy Systems will automatically sell whatever you cannot practically consume or store.


1- Up to 30% lower energy costs.

2- Enhanced corporate image by demonstrating a commitment to climate change and actively conserving resources.

3- Planning reliability and protection against rising energy prices.

4- Additional income from a grid feed in.

Water Pumping Farm

Grid independence with solar power

100% independence – with or without a grid connection

An island in the Car, a monastery in Greece or a research center in the Antarctic – Smart Now off-grid systems can be used anywhere.

A reliable electricity supply with grid quality and scalable systems even in the most remote regions of the world are exactly what Smart Now Multicluster systems provide.


1- 100% independence from the utility grid and electricity costs.

2- Modular systems can be expanded if energy consumption rises later on.

3- Long distances between energy sources and loads easily possible thanks to AC coupling.

4- Multiple energy sources can be combined, for example, photovoltaics, wind power, hydropower, cogeneration or diesel generators.

Off Grid

Store solar power and use it broadly

Sustainable investingand maximum profit

With the  Smart Now Energy System Large Scale, you can store solar power. This enables you to manage peaks in demand, stabilize grid voltage and reduce energy costs considerably.

Secure investment in emerging technology

The  Smart Now Sunny Central Storage UP battery storage system will increase the efficiency of your PV power plant. At the same time, battery storage systems perform important grid management functions. Grid frequency fluctuations are avoided thanks to smart plant control with the Power Plant Manager and grid voltage is restored in seconds. Sudden, costly increases in power consumption are prevented by means of load shifting. At night, the energy storage system is charged cost-effectively to cover consumption during the day.  Smart Now storage solutions offer you further potential for maximizing the profit from your sustainable investment.


1- Supplies renewable energy 24/7

2- Compensates for load peaks with stored power

3- High flexibility through extremely fast charging/discharging

4- Additional profit maximization