Atom Helium

Provides the ability to change the lighting level of LED, halogen and incandescent lamps, both individually and in groups (up to 300W per channel). In addition to light control, Atom Helium is perfect for controlling devices such as garage doors, electric locks, pumps, actuators and more.


1. CAN bus ensures synchronized operation of all Atom series devices
2. Integrate 3rd party devices using RS-485 interface
3. 5V and 3.3V ports for sensors power supply
4. 12 multifunction input ports (9 in N modification) for temperature, air quality, water leakage sensors and switches connection
5. Graphic OLED display for control and monitoring (optional for N modification)
6. Ethernet port for network connection Possibility of remote control using i3 Home app or voice assistant (N modification)
7. Energy meter with the ability to accurately measure voltage, current and power consumption
8. 2 x 5A relays for connection of electrical devices
9. 3 dimming outputs built on MOSFET bases with built-in load control meter to control AC loads
10. 4 x 10A relays with built-in load control meter for connection of electrical devices